Stein Eide

Catalogue of Works 2012-2018.

Title Subtitles Duration NB Noter
Chat Cafe: For wind quintet Chat Cats; Chatmosphere; Chattitude 00:10:00
Five Fragments: For flute and guitar Windy Day Sailaway; Dream on a Sunbeam; Mellow Meadow; Shade of Spades; Luna Fortuna 00:10:00
Nordicolor: For piano Beauty at my Blue Door; Nordic Summer Night; Icy Hazy 00:10:00
The Northern Lighthouse: For brass ensemble 00:06:00
Sentimental Ballad: For solo piano 00:04:00
Anthems at Anchor: For classical guitar Sailor´s Solitude; My passionate Guitar; Dreamy Waves 00:08:00
Mind the Blue: For solo piano Prelude; Lament; Dance; Song; Scherzo 00:14:00
Trollify and Fly: Intermezzo for orchestra 00:09:00
Key Stories: For solo piano Bagatelle a Camilla; The Cat and the Turkey; Purple in Black; Twizzicato; Float your Boat; Tanzando; The Matryoshka Doll; The Maid and the Mirror; Woogie Boog Jaguar 00:23:00
Dancing Fingers: For piano and orchestra Dawn Divine; Long To Belong; Silver Prism Interlude; Meadow Elves. 00:14:00
Flutesteps: For flute and piano Step Outside; Step Inside; Step Stones; Step Softly; Steps in Time; Steps Behind; Steps Ahead. 00:12:00
Grande Roue: Suite for orchestra Valse Pigalle; Andante Azur; Danse du Tertre; Sacre Coeur Sunset; Aquarelle d`Elle; Grande Roue. 00:18:00
Guitarragona : For guitar and orchestra 00:15:00
Myths of the North: For orchestra Glacier Echo; The Waves and the Shores; Huldres´ Dance; The Mountain Silhouette; Purple in Black; Celebrating the Hour of Twilight. 00:22:00
Pianovellas: For solo piano Satie; Waltzette; Minor Key Issue; Art Deco Adagio; Fresco Presto; Blue Domino; Canzona Curacao; Promenade and Bridges; Twilight; Boogie Baloo; Carousel; EchoeSatie. 00:30:00
Stories of the Sea: For orchestra The Farewell; Setting Sail; New Horizons. 00:12:00
Troll Wood: Intermezzo for orchestra from "The Kite and... 00:06:00
Trumpet Episodes: For trumpet and orchestra Habanera a Ma Bella; Basso Bossa; Aura Aurora. 00:14:00