Stein Eide, Composer.


Stein Eide is a Norwegian composer, member of the Norwegian Society of Composers and also NOPA, the Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists.

The works of Stein Eide are published by NB noter, the National Library of Norway’s publishing service for Norwegian contemporary music. (The institution supplies performance materials for all types of instrumentation in accordance with the publishing-on-demand principle)

In the Catalogue of new works from 2012 -2017 now counting, 18, a composer's portrait CD featuring five of them is scheduled be recorded and released with LAWO Classics in 2018-19. A handful of the different TV- productions with Stein Eide as composer have received or been nominated the international TV awards: “ Prix Jeunesse”, ”Golden Chest”, ”Prix Danube”, and the the Norwegian ”Gullruten”, while Norwegian radio drama productions like "David Copperfield", “The Weirdstone of Brisingamen” “Tom Sawyer” and Jostein Gaarders «The Christmas - Mystery» are released on CD.

TV and Radio credits:

  • "ANSUR" NRK TV-Drama in 7 episodes. Composer Stein Eide.

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  • "Arild og den usynlige byen" NRK TV Drama for children in 3 episodes. Composer Stein Eide.

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  • "For en neve Kaffe" NRK TV Dokumentary/Drama Composer Stein Eide.

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  • David Copperfield NRK Radio Drama and CD. Composer Stein Eide.

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  • The Weirdstone of Brisingamen NRK Radio Drama and CD. Composer Stein Eide.

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  • Tom Sawyer NRK Radio Drama and CD. Composer Stein Eide.

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  • The Christmas Mystery: NRK Radio Drama and CD. Composer Stein Eide.

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Catalogue of works 2012-2018:

Title Subtitles Duration NB Noter
Chat Cafe: For wind quintet Chat Cats; Chatmosphere; Chattitude 00:10:00
Five Fragments: For flute and guitar Windy Day Sailaway; Dream on a Sunbeam; Mellow Meadow; Shade of Spades; Luna Fortuna 00:10:00
Nordicolor: For piano Beauty at my Blue Door; Nordic Summer Night; Icy Hazy 00:10:00
The Northern Lighthouse: For brass ensemble 00:06:00
Sentimental Ballad: For solo piano 00:04:00
Anthems at Anchor: For classical guitar Sailor´s Solitude; My passionate Guitar; Dreamy Waves 00:08:00
Mind the Blue: For solo piano Prelude; Lament; Dance; Song; Scherzo 00:14:00
Trollify and Fly: Intermezzo for orchestra 00:09:00
Key Stories: For solo piano Bagatelle a Camilla; The Cat and the Turkey; Purple in Black; Twizzicato; Float your Boat; Tanzando; The Matryoshka Doll; The Maid and the Mirror; Woogie Boog Jaguar 00:23:00
Dancing Fingers: For piano and orchestra Dawn Divine; Long To Belong; Silver Prism Interlude; Meadow Elves. 00:14:00
Flutesteps: For flute and piano Step Outside; Step Inside; Step Stones; Step Softly; Steps in Time; Steps Behind; Steps Ahead. 00:12:00
Grande Roue: Suite for orchestra Valse Pigalle; Andante Azur; Danse du Tertre; Sacre Coeur Sunset; Aquarelle d`Elle; Grande Roue. 00:18:00
Guitarragona : For guitar and orchestra 00:15:00
Myths of the North: For orchestra Glacier Echo; The Waves and the Shores; Huldres´ Dance; The Mountain Silhouette; Purple in Black; Celebrating the Hour of Twilight. 00:22:00
Pianovellas: For solo piano Satie; Waltzette; Minor Key Issue; Art Deco Adagio; Fresco Presto; Blue Domino; Canzona Curacao; Promenade and Bridges; Twilight; Boogie Baloo; Carousel; EchoeSatie. 00:30:00
Stories of the Sea: For orchestra The Farewell; Setting Sail; New Horizons. 00:12:00
Troll Wood: Intermezzo for orchestra from "The Kite and... 00:06:00
Trumpet Episodes: For trumpet and orchestra Habanera a Ma Bella; Basso Bossa; Aura Aurora. 00:14:00